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    Airline® Sleep Mask - Pink


    Was: $4.99
    Now: $3.49

    The "Original" Airline® Sleep Mask-Pink A little bit of a luxury goes a long way with…

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    EN352.2 Foam Ear Plugs are a perfect solution when cost is critical and you need a good all-around disposable foam ear plug. Hypoallergenic foam creates a custom, noise-reducing seal in the ear canal. Comfortable for a wide range of ear sizes. 

According to the regulations, use of earplugs is recommended:

• Continuous noise at lower frequencies
• When earmuffs tend to cause strong sweating
• When also wearing safety spectacles
• When wearing other protective equipment such as head protection, respiratory protection, face protection together with earmuffs for brief periods of extreme noise.


    Was: $4.95
    Now: $2.29

    EN352.2 10 Packs are a perfect solution for job sites, enclosed areas with loud machinery, prod…

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    ICare Eye Pillow


    Was: $9.99
    Now: $5.99

    The I-Care Lavender Eye Pillow is a sensory relaxation tool used for easing stress and tension, whil…