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DreamScape® Contour Sleep Mask

Was: £10.21
Now: £5.50
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Product Description

DreamScape® Contour Sleep Mask by MaskCraft® Light as a feather and very stylish, the DreamScape® Contour Sleep Mask offers full comfort without any pressure to the eyes. Mask features concave eye pockets to keep the sleep mask away from your eyes and allow for normal blinking and air circulation. Conveniently folds up into a complimentary 4 x 6 satin drawstring pouch with a pair of soft foam Earplugs. Quantity discounts are available on this item. Read what the Chicago Tribune had to say about our Contour Sleep Mask....

"My most essential travel item is the sleep mask shown here. Whether you're going by car, bus, train or plane these are essential if you want a little shut-eye. Once at your destination, a hotel or a bedroom at a relative's house, you'll often encounter window coverings that let light in. With a mask, you'll be so happy not to be awakened at dawn by light seeping in.

I've tried a huge number of mask styles (including the cute ones with the eyes painted on the front), but by far the most comfortable and light-blocking is the style shown here, sort of an eye bra that doesn't press on your eyelids (, DreamScape® Contour Sleep Mask, $9.99)."

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*elastic strap contains latex