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How to make a Blindfold

SO, you want to save some cash and make your own Bandana Blindfold or maybe you just like making things, we get that, and we'll tell you how. But first we're going to plug our own products and tell you about them. We have a few inexpensive items that can be used as blindfolds.

All of these make great blindfolds for games, team building exercises, parties and anything else you can think of that requires a blindfold.

Ok, enough of that, lets make a Bandana Blindfold!


Things you need;

  • Material, can be almost any kind or color of cloth as long as it is not see through.

  • Scissors (no running).

  • Sewing Machine (optional).

First, layout the material on a flat surface and measure a square 22 inches by 22 inches. At this point you could fold over all the edges (1/4 inch) and hem them if you have a sewing machine and know how to use it.

Fold the blindfold in half diagonally, it should look something like this;


Fold the corner facing you towards the top approximately 2-3 inches like so;


Continue folding until you reach the top, you should wind up with something like this;


THATS IT!, You've made a Bandana Blindfold. Place it over your eyes and take her out for a spin!

That was easy, not as easy as buying one or a hundred from us but still pretty easy.